WaterStore is a specialist custom rotomoulding specialist with over 26 years
experience in the polyethylene moulding industry.

Our specialist tanks to suit a number of different needs. The use of polyethylene is ideal as it has a number of unique properties making it perfect for the storage of materials such as, but not limited to acids and alkalis.

Our engineers have access to a number of data sheets relating to the storage of differing materials however, the more information you can supply, the more effectively we can help you.

To help us with your enquiries, the following information will assist:

  • What are you wishing to be stored?
  • What is the application that the tank will be used for? (Storage of new
    product, overflow tank, mixing vessel?)
  • What is the specific gravity of the product?
  • What will be the temperature range of the product and its PH range?
  • Any safety issues including housing and location of tank, adjacent chemical storage and local impact hazards?

WaterStore is currently offering a free site evaluation service and ‘multiple-buy’ discount packages, so feel free to call and arrange a no obligation inspection to determine your best course of action.